Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing to say today.

Getting ready to grow wheat/kamut/rye/oat/spelt grass

Tracing the shape of our jars onto fabric

Cutting out the fabric circles.


Fill the bottom inch of the jar with fun glass beads or sand for soil drainage.
Add your fabric circles to keep all the dirt from falling through. Think about how much you want a new camera and try very hard to be contented.
Add dirt.
Forget to soak your grain so tell the kids we'll finish this one tomorrow. Lable a piece of paper and put the soaking grains in their spots. Forget about it tomorrow and finish the day after instead ;)
Drain your grain and put it on top of the dirt. Don't cover it.

Give each of the grain 2-3 sprays of water.

Cover the jars with saran wrap and put in a darkish place in your kitchen. Continue to spray the grain twice a day 2-3 sprays each time.

Once the grain starts to sprout (little white things sticking out of it, they shouldn't be moving, if they are throw it away) take the saran wrap off and put in a sunny place. Not crazy sunny, just somewhere that gets some natural light.
This is the spelt. It took the longest to sprout. Well accept for the oat that didnt' sprout at all.

This is the Rye. It's a vigorous sprouter. I love that it has a lot of purple in it.

Kamut. It's doing really well too.
And the wheat took longer to see green but look at all of the new little bits poking up! Very fun! It really is like you can see this stuff growing. Every time I look at it I can see a change.
The view from the side of the jar. Very fun!


Mrs. Wilson said...

That's so neat!

Every time I see that your blog is updated, I keep thinking that it's baby news!! Can't wait to "meet" your new little one.

Sarena said...

Thanks Jen!

It's not likely that there will be any baby news for a few more weeks. I'm guessing the 8th of March. Mr.SuperFantastic thinks the 13th... of March... yeah I'm a big fan of his guessing.

Anonymous said...

These children are precious...and another one on the way?!?!? God just knows the world needs another one of these Sweeties~
All Things Heart and Home

Gwen said...

Awesome. Isn't homeschooling da bomb?

Sarena said...

It is Gwen... especially when I'm not too lazy to do it ;)