Friday, February 20, 2009

My first Mistreatment.

I dont' know if you could call it a mistreatment or not. If you dont' know what I'm talking about then you need to check out this blog. Okay so this is the naughty chair, either you know what I'm talking about or you don't. Time outs happen here... that's it. It's a chair that we inherited when my Uncle moved years ago. It's lacking style, and while I am now just discovering my style I wanted this to look nicer, especially since it's by my front door. So this is how I did it.

I took the chair apart with the great little drill that Joni gave me for Christmas! At this point Adon, realizing the purpose for the chair asked me if I was trying to make it more uncomfortable. Yeah. Sure.
Then I layed the cushion on the fabric and cut the fabric to size-ish making sure that there was enough to wrap over to the bottom of the cushion.

Next I stapled each side on. Make sure your fabric is straight and not sideways or upside down.

Then I stapled the corners. You want to pull the fabric tight but not too tight or it won't lay nice and will make creases in your cushion.

Since the corners on my chair are curved my next step was just to pull all of the fabric tight and use a lot of staples to gather the extra.

This is the cushion all done being stapled. I cut off all of the excess fabric.

And flipped it over to check it out. Is it perfect? Nope, but I like it!

The top cushion for the chair was round so it required a lot more gathering and staples.

And since you can see the back of the top cushion I put a piece of fabric over the edges to give it more of a finished look.

The finished top cushion.
Okay so this is where things got interesting. I put the cushion under the chair and started screwing it on.. then the screw bit into the fabric and proceeded to chew it up and pull all of my staples out. So I fixed that and re-stapled it and decided to lay the frame on the cushion and use a sharpie to mark where the holes are.

Here are the sharpie marks. See how the fabric is all twisted up?

Okay I took the frame off and cut out chunks of fabric where the marks were and PRAISE THE LORD!! I found the screw holes from before!

The bottom cushion didn't want to screw on so well. The holes from before were stripped out and I had to move things a little to make new holes but at the end of the day I think it looks great!

Our first victim. ;)

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