Saturday, February 28, 2009


update- Joe went back to sllep and I had a very nice nap, it was very peaceful and my house still is.

the coop is clean. I say clean loosley. It's a place where birds poop 24/7. Adon is allergic to hay. Which means he can't help me clean the coop anymore. I'm completely exhausted and very thankful that Ephrim and Joe are napping. I am going to go do the same. Our neighbor is back after being away for a month and she's very excited about the chickens. I am so glad that she'll be helping to clean the coop. Especially since it needs to be done every week or so and in a week or so I'm going to have a brand new baby.

Joe's awake.

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joni said...

um.. Sarena .. one does not clean out chicken coops in the winter.. they only add a layer of the fresh stuff...straw or wood chips (wood chips being my favorite) this is a natural heating for the girls and will give you more eggs being as they are cozy and warm. Cleaning out the coop is a spring and summer(s) job.

sorry that i wasn't here sooner.