Monday, January 26, 2009


This week Emma and I came across some really fun fabric and decided that she could use a new skirt. I've really been wanting to make a three tiered skirt and when I found a coordinating fabric in my stash and a shirt that worked with it at the Sally Ann I was inspired to get started. This morning I woke up with a bit of a flu bug. I had energy but just needed to take it easy so it seemed like a perfect sewing day.

Here is Emma at her sewing machine. It is a smaller than normal Shark brand from Canadian Tire. It was Emma's Christmas gift from my aunt and if you are just wanting to try out sewing I would recommend this machine. It has all the stitches you would need to get started and it's worked great!
This is Emma's third sewing project on her machine. She has also made a purse and done the waist and hem on a pair of pants for Joe. The first time I sat down with Emma I was amazed at how well she did. She has been doing hand sewing for over a year but I was very nervous to get her in front of a machine. She is only going to be six in March! She does AMAZING! I have to do very little correcting and for the most part just remind her to watch her fabric and keep it straight. I am not ready to leave her at the machine by herself but I am very excited about her ability. I sew and therefore it is very exciting to see that my daughter shows a natural gifting for it. She is very eager as well and is always willing to do a seam for me :)
Here she is in the finished product. Emma's job was to sew all of the strips together and I have to say she did great!
This is a close up of the skirt. I am hoping to do a tutorial of how I made this for any of you that sew. I am very happy with it but there are still a few things that I would do differently the next time around.
And the best part!! It spins wonderfully!!
Today since I was sick the kids pitched in a lot. I am now feeling very reassured about having a baby in six weeks. Adon and Emma cleaned my kitchen, hung the wash and spent a lot of time with Joe. Here they are watching Baby Einstein with him. He sat in that chair for the entire movie and a bit after. He loved it!
And really, what's better than hanging out with the big kids eating Gold Fish Crackers?
I just have to say how blessed I have been by Adon lately. Ephrim has been needing a lot of extra attention lately and hasn't been doing well at night. This is how I found them the other night. Adon has been so good to his little brother, making sure that he isn't lonely. I love him!

And here is Joe. He is now fully mobile and naughty. But so stinkin' cute! There are so many times that he's snuggling me and I think about how sad it is that I wasn't able to nurse him. It's such an amazing time that I've enjoyed a lot with the other two that I was able to nurse.... and then...
... there are times when I think "ummm... nope I'm okay";)
Couldn't you just bite those toes? His, not mine.


Princess said...

God bless you girl!!!
love you!

and Emma is getting soooooo big!!
she did a fabulous job though!

Jadekitty said...

I am impressed! She did a really good job.