Thursday, October 16, 2008

A meme.

Okay I've been tagged for this a few times so it's time to get around to it.

I was tagged by multiple people and you should all just be happy that I'm doing it and not complain about linking and rules ;) I really am in a good mood that just came out grumpy.

My six quirky boring things.

1) I can pick things up with my toes. Lots of things. Pencils and pens are the hardest but I have it figured out. People have marvelled at this ability, when I sweep I rarely have to bend over to pick things up from the dirt pile.. I do it with my toes. I've even figured out how to throw things using my foot. I only do this with my right foot, I'm right footed. The left foot is only used if I can't get a pencil and I have to step on the sharpened end with my left foot to elevate the other end to get a better grip on it with my right toes. I've joked that it's because I've been pregnant for the last 8 years and it's hard to bend in the middle when you're pregnant. Really it's because I'm lazy.

2) Most nights before I go to bed I look out my window to see if my neighbors lights are on. I never look in their window for a long period of time, I'm not that kind of nosey. I just wonder if they're up still and try to figure out what shift Carla is working. The only time I've actually spied on my neighbors was when Eric was playing fetch with the dog outside at night with a head lamp on. I never play fetch with my dog, ever, so I marvelled that he loved his dog so much that he would do it at night. I've always been a people watcher. It's not just these neighbors, I've done this my whole life and I promise I'm not a Peeping Tom. I'm too nice to be a Peeping Tom. This will be the ONE time my neighbors read my blog.

3)I fight with people in my head. Apparently I struggle with bitterness. I will pick a past argument that I lost or felt ended without my being justified and I will re-fight with the person. When no one is around I'll do it outloud. Or sometimes when I'm driving. God has been working on this. Honestly I'm still too nice to be a Peeping Tom

Man I'm making myself sound creepy.

4) I used to ask God which way I should turn at the four way stop to get home when I was coming from thornhill.. or which bridge I should take to town.. or which way I should go to get to the new bridge. okay sometimes I still do it. It can be a hard decision. He cares about the small details people!

5) In my head I'm skinny. Sometimes I get really dissapointed when I look in the mirror because I've forgotten that I'm not skinny anymore and I see myself and it's like I gained 50 pounds between bathroom trips. Am I seriously the only person that does this?

It's taking me a long time to figure out a number six.. I think they picked six because they knew that most people only have five boring/quirky things to share.

It's not finding boring things that's hard it's finding boring things that people don't already know and since pretty much the only people that read my blog are close friends that's hard to do!

6) I really want to sell everything I own and buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere (and two big dogs and a large gun) and live in a little house with no electricity or running water. A part of me is scared to but for the most part I ache for it. To be away from the clutter and business of life and to really work. Not to pay my mortgage but to live. To have only what we need and to truly depend on God for it. I daydream about my husband coming home and telling me he quit his job or was fired so that we would have nothing left but a little shack and the clothes we need and the food we eat coming from our land. I long to be pushed to my limits, to confront my fears, and be broken and humbled by God so that I depend wholly on him. I wish we would throw away our tv and computer and I get shivers of excitement when the lights flicker because maybe the power will go out!

Well I'm not going to tag anyone but I would ask that those of you who know I am not a stalking, peeping, missing link please leave a comment so any newcomers will not be terrified of me!


Jaclyn said...

DOnt worry. We all love you creepy or not ;)

Dawn said...

You are awesome! I have too many of the same quirks so I will not tell you that you are creepy! Not sure I could do the live off the land thing. For periods of time yes, forever? No. Hope you are having a good day!

Laney said...

Sirena... I totally agree with number 6... there are times when I wish we could get rid of all our possessions and go back to living 'uncluttered and peaceful lives'...then I stop and realize who i am married to and know that would just never but that's o.k. I can still you girl, hope this pregnancy is going good...

Becky said...

Ha! I do number five too, but it happens more often for me in pictures. I'll see a picture of myself out with the family and be completely blown away at how different I looked in my head.

I always look in my neighbor's kitchen window from my washroom. It must be creepy for them to glance up from doing dishes to see just the top of my head and my eyes staring back at them. (It's a high window, I have to stand on tiptoe to look out.)

(Oh, and I love creepy people so creep away.)

Ruth said...

I'd loved your post!
So many things i didn't know about you! There is a small sliver of me that would want to live like that too! But then my dependence on electricity kicks in! I'm like 'how would I blowdry my hair or microwave popcorn?' So silly...though I really love it when the power goes that I have a old school dial phone (one that is not totally useless in a power outage!) I hated not being able to connect to the world! Not that I had anyone specific in mind to phone but anyways....

Sirena said...

Becky - HAHAHA From the bathroom! Good thing the windows aren't the other way around. We had some very hillarious/embarassing situations with our last neighbors.. good thing they're our best friends and have a good sense of humor!

Jaclyn - thanks. Can you all tell who's been my friend most of my life?

Ruth - my biggest fears of living way out are the animals (hence the big dogs and gun) and the out house. I really don't like out houses. I tell ya I'd sure be cleaning my bathroom more often. I would also develope bladder problems from holding it all night long after dark. We would have to have a solar powered yard light.