Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me or Them?

Joe is teething. He teethes (?) differently from my other children. He sits on the floor and cries until I pick him up. Then at night he peacefully falls asleep. For about two hours. Then he gets a raging fever and insatiable appitite.

It's almost 11 and I just got dressed. My kids have been sitting in front of the television all morning.

Dalen woke up early because Joe was awake and fever free. Exuberant and joyful. Me... not so much.

Dalen "Do I have any lunch for today?"

Sarena "No I forgot to make it."

Dalen "Okay" this does not happen... just okay... he knew what was at risk if he'd asked me to get out of bed before I absolutely had to to make him some sort of meat and potatoes with corn. Smart Man.

I came downstairs as he was leaving. Adon wasn't dressed yet and Mr.Foxey was doing the peepee dance. I told Adon to get dressed in my tired Mommy voice. There were toast remains all over the place... I addressed this calmly.. maybe not.

Sarena "Will sheperd's pie be okay for supper tonight?" He just had this for lunch on Monday.

Dalen "Anything will be good.. so long as you're still here."

Sarena "Me or them?"


Gwen said...

Oh, you poor thing. Moms never get to stop... we just have to plow through sickness, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, stress and hormonal imbalances. I feel your pain.

Shepherd's Pie... impressive. It sounds like a bacon & eggs night to me.

Sirena said...

Gwen.. thanks.. I am much better now after some much needed vegging. And as for the bacon and eggs... my husband would go hungry if I made that ;)