Saturday, September 06, 2008


So just in case you were wondering... we do still have Joe. We decided to keep him ;) Here are some pictures for you to see as proof.

In the Jolly Jumper.. he's nuts about that thing!
Learning to sit.. also I've discovered that a ball of yarn is a great baby toy!
Joe learned that he can move his hand.. I think it freaked him out a little... he just kept waving his hand and staring at it and then looking at me to make sure I was seeing it. When I waved to him, he seemed overwhelmed that all people could do it.
Joe went to his first drag races.. he is our first child who wasn't there in the womb. He couldnt' sleep with all the noise.. all the other children were fine when they were babies. By the way, he was smiling in this picture, you just couldn't tell because the ear muffs were squishing his cheeks so much.
Yes, we potty train this early. Although I think at this age it's more parent training. But hey I barely have to deal with poopy diapers! I love it!
Don't ask me where he got the blank stare from... well I know I just dont' want to say it. He really does have other expressions.

There you have it. Joe will be seven months on the 15th. He's sitting up great now and starting to rock back and forth on his hands and knees. Seems the more I have the slower they are to start doing things. With the exception of cutting teeth.

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starla said...

okay the picture of him on the potty is too cute!