Tuesday, May 06, 2008


This took place about a month ago. I dont' know if I will ever forget this lovely early morning moment. If you have ever had children you of course realize the things you will say when you are sleeping and have been severely sleep deprived. Apparently I also had the munchies (not THE munchies... just wanted munchies)

Adon :"Mom?"

Me: "What?!" (this is not a mad what it is the "I'm sleeping and I have no idea what is going on and why on earth are you waking me when I'm sleeping anyway and it's not even 8 yet?)

Adon: "Can we watch a movie?"

Me : a movie is a great idea when you're exhausted "Yes"

Adon: "Mom?:

Me: "Whhhahaatt?"

Adon: "What can we eat for breakfast?"

Me: "Cake"

Adon: "REALLY! THANKS MOM!!!" okay there really is no cake

Me: "NO! not cake! You can have donuts"

Adon: "REALLY!!!"

You need to instert some sleepy husband snickers here. This was great for him

Me: "No... no.. no no no... you can have plain Cheerios"

Adon: "oh... okay mom." Now this was said in the most dejected voice a person has ever heard.

This is Adon having a little camp out a week ago.


joni said...

awww that so makes me want to bring him cake and donuts and NOT plain cheerios..

hehe poor girl.. you were searching for the right food.

hope you get the rest you need..

starla said...

wow, i so understand.