Friday, April 25, 2008

Joe 2 months

This is Joe reading his book in the swing this morning.... after he slept for 7.5 hours!!!!


So Joe has been what an aquantance of mine would call "A fussy four" Apparently as you get lower in the food chain you feel the need to be louder! He is getting better now and after a few nights getting used to sleeping alone (much to Dalen's delight) he slept through the night. Now I dont' want to get my hopes up. I do realize that many children will let you think that you're about to get copious amounts of sleep and then crush your dreams in their tiny little itty bitty baby hands. But still I'm feeling pretty awesome today!

He is getting to be a much less fussy baby. For the most part he will lay nicely on his blanket on the floor, unless he is gassy or sleepy. If he is either of these he needs to be snuggled very tighty against me with his blanket over him... but not around him... and then he needs his soother held in his mouth (Clefters can't keep a soother in their mouths) and then he squishes his face into my armpit... he likes to sleep on his tummy.

But those times are getting further apart and he's starting to get excited when he sees us. And yesterday when the very nice and kidn Mrs. Wiebe (no relation) was holding him and he somehow managed to pee all over her (boys) he was SO very pleased with himself!

I sure do like my baby...

And as a side note, I will be mostly posting over on Momma Bean as I prepare for the farmers market this next week.


starla said...

he's changing so fast! he still looks like his siblings but he's really starting to look different!

joni said...

hey Darci has black lab pups!!!