Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big thanks to Mrs.Wilson... and sick babies

So I have to say a big THANK YOU toMrs.Wilson For an awesome product review on her blog. Please head on over and give her some comment love ;)

Also Ephrim and Joe are sick with a flu/cold. I also feel as though I'm coming down with it. Ephrim puked in our bed this morning (amazing how it always has to be in the parent's bed) and Joe is not eating. Dalen just went to get him some Electolite drink stuff, hopefully he'll drink some of it until he's feeling better. I really don't want him to get dehydrated! So please pray for us here. Thank you and Blessings!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh no! Liliana is just on the mend ... sick babies are NOT fun.

Thanks for the link love! I am absolutely loving the wrap - and so is Liliana! My favorite part is the forced snuggle that she actually likes!

starla said...

oh poor boys...and mom. I wonder if its what dalen had on the trip? hope your all feeling top notch soon! thanks again for everything! i'll try to send that parcel out next week.