Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poor Joe

Okay so we're pumping again. Joe is just so constipated on the formula that is crying in pain with every feeding while he tries to go. So the plan is now to pump in the morning and at night and add it to the formula to hopefully help him "go".


Jenny said...

Have you tried soy-based formula?

Mrs. Wilson said...


Try alternating iron-fortified and non-iron-fortified formulas. Liliana was constipated for the longest time and this totally did the trick for her.

dwiebes said...

Jen. I'm not using an iron fortified formula. I am going to try changing formulas though. I just bought the cheap walmart stuff.. who knows?

Jenny. I'm not a fan of soy.

Sharon said...

Poor little guy. Praying for you and baby Joe. Soy isn't a complete protein so it's not a good idea to use. :)