Friday, March 14, 2008

Emma and Joe and everything (nothing) else.

Okay so I've basically spent the last four weeks behind a breast pump or bouncing (what I'm assuming is) a colicky baby.

Today will be the first day that Joe receives formula. I'm not a big fan of formula, not at all... and I know that breast is best. But let me tell you one thing that I finally realized yesterday. I live in a time where I can choose to stop pumping and have an alternative, this is why I decided to do this.

1 - There is no hope for breastfeeding in sight. Joe does not have enough suction to get his milk out, so he assists this by using his jaw, which means he chews on me. As most of you can guess, this isn't working so well for us.

2- I have three other children that need my time and energy. Up until now I have gotten nothing done with my children. I am so thankful to Dalen and Jane for all that they have done in the last month.

This was a tough decision for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE nursing my babies. It is the most amazing time for me. There is also something about being able to say that I've nursed a cleft pallat baby that pricks the pride.
Okay on to another topic.

It was Emma's birthday!!! On the 6th. Her party was on the 9th. I know I'm late in posting about it but right now, that's life! Here are some pictures.
The beautiful cake that my mom made... Yes that castle is the cake. All of the turrets are plastic pieces... it was beautiful... and it tasted good too! The hats were one of the crafts that the girls did. It was SO FUN! I love girl parties... they are so layed back!
Here's daddy lighting the sparkler with a propane tourch... if only I could type the Tim the Tool Man grunt.
Decorating Sugar Cookies. They were really good and I think that we could have skipped the straw hats and just done these.

Okay so on Emma's actuall birthday she went for a date with her Daddy. She chose Dairy Queen for dinner so off they went. This is her waiting by the door for him. Since we dont' have airbags in the front passenger seat she even got to sit in the front with him. She had a cheese burger with onion rings, a strawberry milkshake (which she only took a few sips of and then gave to Ephrim when she got home) and followed that will a blizzard of some sort (which she only took a few bites of and then gave to Adon) They even brought home a treat for me, which I shared with Jane ;)

Once she got home she opened her gifts from us and Ed and Jane. Oh and lets not forget that she started the day off with a shopping excursion paid for by Grandma Lowe! She had a great time but she was an emotional wreck by the end of the day!


Princess said...

praying for you and your family! having many babies is a lot of work i know, but you are an amazing woman and mother!

Wow happy belated bday Emma-girl! wow i can't believe how fast its gone! you're getting so big! that cake is fantastic! glad you had such a special day!

Jenny said...

I know the guilt that is associated with not breast feeding. With my first son I tried REALLY hard. They put me on antibiotics...I had a tube taped on my breast that was attached to a bottle of formula(to stimulate milk),but I couldn't produce milk. The nurses tried everything, and finally my mom, said, "it doesn't matter how you feed your baby, just that your baby is fed!". At this point my son was losing major weight and I was a nervous wreck. We switched to the bottle and things went as they should.(but I had some guilt that "breast was best!")
With my second, I went through a similar rigarou, and managed to breast feed for 5 weeks. Then my milk diminished. So I switched over to the bottle. By the time we had our 3rd baby, when the nurse asked if I wanted to put him to the breast I said, "nope...bottle please." I got a couple of harsh looks but momma does know best...
Talk about long winded!!!LOL
That cake your mom made was beautiful. What a beautiful princess you have!
Here's to a well nourished baby and not sore boobies!!

dwiebes said...

Thank you Dawn! I'll tell her all that you said.

Jenny, thanks so much. I'm starting to feel a lot better about it today. Both times that he's had formula he's been a lot more content and a lot less gassy. Obviously there is something with my milk that is effecting him. And since I've been sugar free and mostly dairy free for three or four days now I don't know what else I could be eating that's effecting him. So I am thankful that Dalen made the decision for us to get formula. I couldn't decide to do it, it was too hard for me and he knew it :) We're your boys fussy when they were little as well. I know you had a hard time, it's very tough, I was saying to Dalen last night "I really love him but I haven't been able to enjoy him yet, I've been too busy bouncing him."

Jenny said...

Jonas was super fussy when I had him breast feeding. It was horrible. I'm not exagerrating when I say that it was 40 minutes before each feeding. My milk didn't give him any sustenance. Scott said he was getting skim milk!LOL
He was content once we made the switch.

dwiebes said...

That's how I've always felt too, that I had skim milk. I also feel that chest size has an effect on it too. Joe is doind much better now that we've made the switch. He did have breast milk this morning and he guzzled it back as fast as he could. I do wish formula could taste as nice as breast milk.. oh well. I am thankful that we live in a time that allows us the option.

Christy said...

Awwww Beener! You made the best possible decision and in the long run, it really won't matter! You need to do what is best for you and for Joe and you are and that is awsome! And who cares what people say! Breastfeeding for me was very stressful. I didn't have alot of milk and I was producing skim too. So it makes for a very stressed out Mom when you aren't sure if your baby is getting enough. And I know how you feel about the fussy baby...Liv was way fussier than Tristan and it was a big adjustment! I came to the realization one day when she was super fussy that God would never give me more than I could handle! And it was true and I survived! And so will you! Praying for you and let me know if you need anything!

Love you!!

starla said...

just think of all the times you'll be able to just sit and bond with Joseph and not be in pain, stressing about the milk and if he's getting enough and so forth. I also know of nursing pain and it can really take a huge toll on you and your family. You've made the best decision for you and Joe and thats all that matters! love you!!