Friday, February 15, 2008

Okay I'm really sorry for the suggestive nature of this song but I had to add it because it has been in my head for the last two and a half days.

Okay so if you're a guy or someone that doesn't like birth stories you can skip to the bottom of the post for the basic info and pictures.

I read a lot of stuff on midwifery during this pregnancy and one thing that I read that stuck in my head was a woman's interpretation of what a contraction was. She said it was like being run down by a train with it shining the light on you and blasting the horn and no matter what you do it's behind you. Her midwife told her that it wasn't like that, it was like riding on the front of the train, it's can't run you over. You just have to ride the train. So unlike with Ephrim, I did not have scriptue going through my head this time, I had music from the Space Jam sound track.

So Baby Joe is here. He will not be Joey, just for those of you who are tempted, I know Grandpa was dissapointed. He'll be Joe or Joseph. My Mom is determined to continue calling him Buster and I'm having a really hard time not calling him Ephrim.

My labor (according to me) was pretty long. Wednesday at 4:30pm I started having contractions ten minutes apart and they continued until Thursday morning at about 7 when they stopped until 10:30. Then they picked up again and Dalen and I bunkered down for a long day and night.

My husband is amazing. I bossed him around ruthlessly and he was so gracious about it. I have not done a thing for myself in the last two days and he has been happy to do whatever I have asked of him. So about 3:30 am Friday I was in the tub and I had one very nasty contraction that I almost felt like was going to run me over. At that point I said I wanted to go into the hospital but the next contraction was easier and they remained that way until this morning when we went into the hospital. They did grow stronger and longer but they were never closer than ten minutes apart and because of that my Dr. said I wasn't really in labor yet (HAHA). So we went in at eight this morning and Dr.Almas thought I was about 8cm dilated (I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to be dilated much more so this was awesome news) but now instead of dealing with the shock that I wasn't progressing I was dealing with the shock that I was going to have to push this baby out soon. Something that I had told Dalen I didn't feel ready for.

Another thing that I struggled with was wether I should have my water broken or not. I really made a point to let my body do what it needed to do during this labor so I felt like why stop now. I knew that God had made my body to do this so why take it out of his hands in the end. Well he took care of that for me. Dr. was just about to break my water when I started puking and then pop, the water was broken. My God is awesome... down to the last detail! Dr. went down to the OR after my water broke because I wasn't really having any contractions yet and I urged her to go do what she needed to do. This was at about 8. My contractions picked up to five minutes apart and almost right away I started bearing down. I was still only 8 but Joe was ready and so was I! Dr. came in and felt that his head was not in a good position so we did a little fancy menuvering (you'd be amazed what you're capable of in extreme pain) and we got his head in the proper position. Three contractions later we had a baby boy!

There is something to be said for instinct. When I was pushing Ephrim out I was terrified, my body was in flight mode not fight. They had to keep me focused and constantly be telling me what to do. This time I was in fight mode. People would talk to me and ask me questions and I just was not on the same plane of existance as them, I'm sure that some of you who have gone through this know what I mean. I was there but I wasn't. The only thing I can relate this experience to would be a Kamakazee pilot. I wasn't facing certain death, but I knew that it was going to hurt (there is no suitable word for this) and so I flew into it screaming (even if it was just in my head) with everything I had.

I am so thankful for all the people I had there. Jaclyn and Starla were so awesome to see. Starla's play by play and defence in the IV situation were priceless and Jaclyn's emotion was something pretty special for me. These are two of the dearest women in my life and it just doesn't get any better than to see someone else experience the joy that you are feeling.

God was so merciful and gracious. I had an awesome experience with Dr.Almas and I am so blessed by her capability and so thankful that my husband showed me my bitterness towards her in the beginning of this pregnancy. Godly husbands are SO worth having around ;)

So for those of you who skipped the long drawn out version here it is.

Joseph Paul Ed Wiebe. February 15th (Daddy's guess) 9:57 am. 7lbs 12 oz. 21 inches long.

Just minutes after Baby Joe was born.
This picture reminds me of Ephrim (I'll do a newborn comparison later)
Not a big fan of his vitamin injection
The FAB Dr. I love this picture, it makes me think of reality TV for some reason.
Dad's and their babies are the most amazing thing. Nothing makes me love my husband more than seeing him holding one of his children!
Checking out the babe.
Aunty Jaclyn and Joe! YAY!!!
We love him! Can you tell?
Okay I'm sorry, but, man I look good!


Christy said...

Congratulations Beener!! I can't wait to see him in person!

Princess said...

wow i'm in tears!
god is such a good God!
Joe is so beautiful!

and yes you are right! you look amazing for having just pushed out a baby!

Dawn said...

Huge hugs and congrats!!! You do look amazing! Hopefully one day I will meet this little guy. Enjoy him and live each day to the fullest with him. Congrats again!

Jaclyn said...

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of that. I will never forget your strength and beauty. You and Dalen are amazing together and are wonderful parents to your children now and the ones yet to come:) Love you!

Jenny said...

I must agree that Dr. Almas is the best doctor ever. After the birth of our middle son(who had major complications)we were very skeptical to have a natural delivery, but Dr. Almas was a pro with us and never doubted that we'd have this baby naturally and without complications!
Hope you are getting some much needed rest!

Anita said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you guys!
What an incredibly handsome little man :)

So happy there was no need for a C section!!! woooo hooooo!!!

Jenny said...

You DO look very good, and what a gorgeous baby!! Look at him gazing up at his momma in the last photo!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

WOW! You look GREAT in that last picture! And yes, Dr. Almas is WONDERFUL. I had her with Liliana and I was SO thankful for her. She's amazing.

Congratulations on your beautiful little boy!!

DaRcI said...

Between you and my sister you make it all sound so easy :) Thanks for sharing your story. So happy for you guys.

joni said...

i had commented i thought?? well i did actually ..

all i said was way to go, and yea you look great..

he is such a little prince.

(now i will see if this post works)

starla said...

didnt' i say that you looked amazing!! you totally did! It was so amazing to be there with you guys! thank you so much!! you were so in control this whole labour, even when you said you couldn't do it you were still calm and in control! I need to come over soon!

Laney said...

Wow, you do look amazing for just having given birth to that beautiful baby boy.Congrats again!