Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Belly

Okay so here is the progress. I'll show pictures from not pregnant all the way up to "I should have had the baby already"
So this is me pretty much right before I got pregnant. I had lost a bunch of weight and was exercising a lot more so my tummy was in good shape... now I will have to do it all over again, but I will gladly do it for the kisses of a little baby!

This is the akward stage in which all my baby belly was on the top and my nice fat pooch was on the bottom, nothing really round yet.. I'm not sure how far along I was here? Maybe five months. I'm sure that if I looked in my blog archives I could find out.

This one you have probably seen. I think I was 36 weeks here. Maybe 37? I carried Buster very high so I managed to keep a small tummy up until he dropped down and as you can see below things have changed!
Yeppers! There's the belly! This is the thing that my husband looks forward to. Up until now he has been very dissapointed with how small my belly has stayed. I on the other hand was quite fine with it. Now I'm lookin ready to pop, but still not nearly as big as I was with Ephrim. My stretch marks haven't even maxed out yet. This is the first time that has happened! Yay! Hopefully this will mean some post partum pound meltage (I'm not dillusional, just a tiny bit hopeful;)


Mrs. Wilson said...

Yup! You look really ready to have that baby! You look wonderful though. You're a beautiful pregnant lady!

dwiebes said...

HAHA thanks Jen! I'm deffinately feeling very ready today. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Jenny said...

You look fantastic Sirena!

Christy said...

Okay that first picture of you pre-preggo is hot! Look at that waist girl! And I absolutly love the new preggo pic from today! You do look beautiful!!

dwiebes said...

Thank you guys! I'm SO looking forward to start working on the waist again Christy! You and me walking with the brood! I can see it now. We should get them all little duck jackets!