Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Any guesses?

So I asked Dalen what his guestimation was on the arrival of out baby. Here are his thoughts.

February 15th (I think just to spite my Feb.14 deadline that I've given myself)
6:something AM, which is just mean.
He said 8lbs 12 oz, which is also mean.

I dont' know what the deal is with him. He likes to pick things that make me grumpy and could very likely be more painful! The problem is that he's usually right about these things. Here's hoping he's wrong this time.

Christy told me she thinks I'll have him this week some time. My mom is also really hoping that I'll have him this week too. I would also like to ;) so that my doctor can deliver. But even if he doesn't I'll feel very comfortable with my alternative doctor. So? What are your guesses?


starla said...

well i'm going to say on the 10th and unfortuntaly i expect it will happen during the night. it would be so great if you had him on the weekend when lawrence is home so i can come take pictures!

weight i think ....7lbs 14oz 21inch. hows that sound? you are smaller this time i think but it could just be a different belly shape.

dwiebes said...

7.14 sounds a whole lot better than 8.12! I dont' really mind having him in the night so long as I can go home the next day. If everything goes well with the delivery I think I'm going to be a pain about staying in much longer.

Jenny said...

I think Feb. 9th...
A boy...:)
7 pounds 12 ounces...19 inches
9:27 pm...

Jaclyn said...

8 lbs 4 oz
3:20 am

melissa said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! It's fun to see what other like-minded mamas are blogging about. Are you still pregnant? :) I am! My due date is the 13th, and I'm not really expecting to go early...

I'm thinking you're going to go this weekend, deliver in the afternoon, like 2pm-ish, and have a low-to-mid-seven pounder. :)

I'm hoping something like that for myself, too.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for a healthy baby and wonderful birth experience! I'll be looking forward to the announcement!