Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5:45 am

Oh yeah that's right, it's quarter to six in the morning and I'm awake. I'm hungry and I've had a stressful night. Buster just isn't moving enough. He's still moving little bits every now and then, but nothing like normal. Night time is his normal active time and this is shockingly abnormal. He is still moving when I push on him so I don't think I'm scared, just worried. I layed in as many different positions as I could through the night and none of them seemed to make a difference. I even propped my bum up on pillows, just incase he's dropped further down in my pelvice and he's pinching his chord or something. Now for most of you this probably seems silly, or overly freaky. I just need to feel him moving! It's very unusual for him and I'm really glad that I have a Doctors appointment today because I really need to hear that heart beat. I'm getting one of those home doplar things next time. So anyway, please pray for lots of movement this morning. There are Teeny Tiny wiggles every now and then but I'm used to tummy morphing aerobics. I guess he's just being lazy! At least he comes by it naturally ;)

Off I go to eat something ravenously.


Princess said...

i know it can be worrisome! i went thru the same thing when i was pregnant in my latter weeks. i'd press his feet so i could get him to kick me back, and if i was still worried i'd find his heart on my home doppler!
how did your appt go?
praying and thinking of you guys

Sharon said...

My second pregnancy (with Logan) was like that. I had to have 2 ultrasounds done in the beginning because he was so active that the pictures weren't clear. In the last few days before he was born he hardly moved at all. I had moments of fear but I trusted God and then I realised that Logan was jsut resting up because my body was getting ready to go into labour! :) Praying all goes well. :)

Becky said...

Maybe he's just running out of room?

I totally know what you mean about those doplar things. I want one too.