Saturday, December 01, 2007

The first fruits

So these are the things that I've made so far. There is more to come. By the way, I can make a some cute stuff with a t-shirt.
My first attempt at the little sausage baby pants. They don't have the cute little bum panel but they are still stinking cute!
The matching beanie.

I made his little pants with the wrong pattern so they were way too big, they would have fit Liv though, so I just took them in so once he gets too big for them I can just let them out.

So the booties above were the first pair that I made and I tried to finish the tops of them with my sewing machine so they ended up looking messy at the top.
This pair I finished the tops by hand and I love them. I really like the other ones too but I'll just have to put them on with pants that you won't see the tops with. Both pairs are reversable.
This is the blanket and I love it. It's a basic reversable blanket but now that I've finally figured out how to square up my fabric it is so much nicer.. it actually folds up evenly ;)
I have four more things that I want to make. I dont' know if they'll be done today but I'm sure I'll have something to add tonight!


Dawn said...

You are insane! You have too much energy! Good job though. Love the circle fabric. Have an awesome weekend!

starla said...

wow!!! good job!! especially the boots!! i need to come by sometime. sewing would be good but so would just visiting!

Mrs. Wilson said...

wow. you are quite the talented woman!