Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Please pray...

Well I fell down the stairs this morning. It was only the last four steps but I went down them all on my bum. Nothing really happened so I wasn't very worried. My hips were kind of sore but as long as I didn't sit down much it didn't seem to hurt. Then tonight while I was getting dinner ready I squated down to help Ephrim with something and when I stood back up I had a braxton hicks contraction. Nothing unusual accept that this one was more crampy. Still not that big of a deal accept that I proceeded to have them about ever four minutes until I sat down. I'm not all that worried but at the same time they are stronger than usual and they are way more frequent. I sat for about half an hour and I still got a few but not as strong and not as frequently. Then when I got up again they starting coming more often. So I'm going to go have a bath and hopefully that will relax things some more. Please pray that this will all just stop and I can go on with my life without having to be worried. And obviously please pray for Buster's safety (it's his nickname). I dont' think that it would come to preterm delivery but only being 27 weeks and all the very thought of it is a little stressful.

Thanks all!


Princess said...

you're in my prayers for sure!!! how scary!!

joni said...

OH Sarena... ahhh

yes of course lots of prayer.

you poor girl..

i will call you tomorrow.

(soft hugs)

Jenny said...

I hope you are feeling better!!!