Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Busy Day

Well I've got about 2/3's of a box of apples left. Those are going to be baked today and turned into my last batch of fruit leather. Then I guess I'll have to watch for cheap apples for making apple sauce. I guess I'll need more apples next year... man that was a lot of apples though. Another thing I'm really going to need to get this fall is pumpkin. Anyone out there have a surplus in their garden this year? I'll even pay you for it... not much though ;) I would like to make some pumpking pie filling to can.We'll see I may just freeze it and do some more mass batches.. my pantry is overflowing as is.

So today I have a doctors appointment. I think by the time you're having your 4th you should only have to go in every two months. I do love my doctor though, and I really hope that he'll be able to deliver me... just to think that by the time I have my next appointment I'll be 6 1/2 months. Crazy! that's like only 4 more appointments! Although I realize at the end you have a whole bunch more. Which is also frustrating me already but I'm sure by then I'll be eager for any news of progress. I'm still feeling really neutral about this baby. I'm very happy that he's in there and I know it's going to be absolutely lovely to have him here, but alas (I love finding reasons to say alas) I find that the usually extreme excitement is not there.. maybe it's because there is so much stuff in life that has to be done, maybe I'm just tired? I would hate to think that it gets less exciting everytime. I wonder how Patty Brousseau felt when she was pregnant with the 12th. I hope I'm not seeming like a cold heartless beast ;)

Anyway. It is exciting none the less.. just not as exciting as it usually is. Poor little guy is gonna have a complex.

Well there are MANY things to be done and that includes school so I'd best get at'er.

Talk to you soon!

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