Saturday, September 01, 2007


Okay so I've started Christmas planning. Some people may think that this is crazy, but I'm on a budget and I'm really busy... not to mention the fact that I'll be 7 1/2 months pregnant at Christmas. I try to start early in the year, then I can watch for good deals, and I'm not overwhelmed for the whole month of December. I can enjoy the season and have special time with the kids. So in the spirit of Christmas I want to know about your traditions, what do you do with your family? What kind of things do you bake? I'm also really looking for some fun crafts to do with the kids.

I don't have a lot so far... I don't think we did much stuff like that when I was a child.

Let me know!


Jenny said...

I've actually bought a couple of gifts already. I always start early and that way I know what we are buying and it doesn't break the bank.

Dawn said...

My family used to always to a games night on Christmas Eve. We would have apple cider, layered chip dip and other appy's and then laugh and play games all night. We also watched the Mr. Bean Christmas special. Chad and I don't really have any special things we do as we are always with someone else for Christmas. I do try to buy everything by the end of October but I think this year it is all going to be gift certificates. So boring but then no one complains.