Thursday, August 23, 2007

To do list for today.

Clean the travel trailer
Pack clothes Done
Pack dishes Done
Pack dry food Done
Make Ice Blocks Done
Merinade steaks Done
Make Kabobs
Cook Sausage Done
Don't eat all the sausage - difficult
Clean Coolers Don't even know where the coolers are?
Charge Camera dito on the camera charger.
DO NOT FALL ASLEEP! so far so good. Still good!

Okay Ephrim is napping so I'm gonna go clean the trailer which thankfully is not that bad and doesn't seem to have many dead bugs in it. The curtains are all in the wash or are about to be. Oh man there's more Laundry to fold. I'm tired today.. but those cookies sure are good ;)

Okay so now I'm taking another bread because I'm really tired. I need to start taking my iron ;/
OKay so I have to make Kabobs, clean the coolers (make that find the coolers), finish loading up mine and Dalen clothes and clean out the kids beds.

Okay so I slept for an hour. Now I'm hungry. Still have to do all of the above things.

Okay all I have to do is pack mine and Dalen's clothes, our bedding (tomorrow), our cold food(tomorrow), and hang the curtains back up. I'm feeling good and enjoying my chinese crackers.


Dawn said...

Have fun camping!

starla said...

thanks for watching the boys on your crazy busy day! have fun camping!