Friday, August 31, 2007

My plans

Well sorry about the last few days. I have lots to post but it all involves photos, and we still haven't unpacked the card reader so....

Anyway what have I been doing? Cleaning! YAY! Actually it's been pretty good. I finally got our bedroom all organized. There are still boxes, but they have a purpose and no other home, the floor is clean, the bed is made and there is no garbage! WAHOO!!!!

Tomorrow I will tackle the guest room, which is also the home of all my fabric and verious sewing items.... scarey. I don't think I'll get it all done in one day. But I sure would like to have it finished up Monday.

Dalen has started the process of siding the house.. he's amazing ;) It's going to be a lot of late nights, for at least a month I'm guessing. But it'll be great when it's done and then we'll be able to get normal house insurance.

I've started up my flylady routines again. I'm going to make myself a little calendar and on each day have the words, kitchen, laundry, floors. If when I go to bed all of those things are finished then I will cross the day off. If I manage to do this for the whole month then I'm going to give myself a little reward. Now some of you may be naturally inclined to work and do things that you're supposed to do, like house work. I am not. There's not much else I can say about it. There are really no good excuses, I'm just lazy. (and I'm also fat because I eat too much and don't do enough, there are no genetic predispositions and my past hurts are also not an excuse. If you don't like that I think that way... this blog is not for you.)

So I'm excited because this will mean that my mornings are going to be much easier and I think that every night that I go to bed with a clean house, it will become easier to clean. I won't have to do chores in the morning there for I will be able to start school right away and we will be done school earlier in the day. I'm very excited about this little revelation of mine... ask me how it's going in two months ;)

Well it's almost 10 and the laundry has buzzed. Time to get going.
Ta ta


Jenny said...

It really does make a difference in having certain days for certain chores. That's the only way I can keep up with my house. I also have certain "rules" I follow that makes things a whole lot easier. (never going to bed with a dirty kitchen is number one)
I agree with you about your comment on being fat.(not you but your comment in general) First off I hate when people give cute little names for being fat, like fluffy......hey I'm fat and fat because I ate too much and didn't work out for some time. I don't like excuses.
Thanks for the post. Glad to hear you have a plan in motion!
Praying for your motivation and determination.

DaRcI said...

I love the flylady's stuff. She is so encouraging :)

dwiebes said...

I love her too.. even though I'm not always doing everything she talks about it's deffinately engrained in my mind.