Tuesday, August 28, 2007

17 Weeks!

Yay! Another week of pregnancy has passed and all is well.

Above are some pictures of what the baby might look like this far along. I like the nice illustrations of it, the 3D ones are a little too alien-ish to me. I know people are always excited about them but I prefer the blurbs
This is my Adon Blurb. I don't have Emma's or Ephrim's on the computer yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next blurb of this baby. I'm waiting for Laura to give this baby a name. The last baby was Bibke. This one needs a name too. So things are going well. Apparently in the next month the baby is going to double in size and it seems to be doing so. Thankfully the belly is not doubling in size. When I first got pregnant I was excited that my clothes weren't fitting anymore, now after seeing this picture of me

when I was pregnant with Ephrim I'm not so excited... now I realize I was wearing lazy traveling clothes but still... and look at this,

man, that wasn't even full term yet. I'm really hoping to get away with a smaller everything this time around. No worries I'm not starving myself, but I'm deffinately being careful.

So other than that everything is normal, the puking and nausia seem to be letting up. So long as I don't have a nap, which is really hard not to do lately. Need to take my iron, but pills leave this aweful feeling in my throat that makes me want to gag. Hmmm. oh well so far so good. I should get an ultrasound by the end of September and my next doctor's appointment is next wednesday. So hopefully I'll find out when my ultrasound will be then we can find out what kind of baby this will be.

I think that's all for now.. There are a lot of groceries awaiting me.

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