Friday, April 27, 2007

Me too!

Okay I'm stealing this from Joni.....
Type in your name and needs in google and copy the first ten sentences that come up.

Sirena needs...

1- sirena needs a gun like a mermaid needs a tricycle- Well all I can say is this Mermaid loves a good tricycle ride!

2-While the Casa Sirena Hotel provides "wonderful views of the marina," an overwhelming majority of guests agreed that "this hotel needs a lot of clean up - Dalen could have told you that.

3-If interested, call Sirena Phillips at 574-1933. * YARD WORK: Freedom House, a women's outreach center, needs volunteers to help with yard maintenance. ... Huh

4-Theatre Rhinoceros Presents, Sirena, Queen of the Tango -HAHAHA!!!! I am the Rhinocerus Queen of the Tango!!!

5-An approach form the South is easiest because just North of Estación Sirena lies the Río Sirena, the largest of the rivers that need to be forded - Of course I would be the largest of the rivers.

6-"I have all the light I need inside me. The colors pour out from my soul."By any other name, Sirena's "Trans-Expressionism" would still affect us as a genial art form that has acquired the strong personal stamp of its originator. - Well I can definately relate to this, only not so much painting.

7-We are a local company providing solutions tailored to your needs with a personal touch. Sirena Environmental - Momma Bean!

8-Sirena is certainly in need of a bit of a facelift -There are a few things that could use a lift ;)

9-He meets the beautiful mermaid Sirena who needs to earn his love to become immortal - but such a fate could only end in heartbreak- I love the joy that always comes with my name... at least I wasn't luring sailors to their death... this time

10-As your practice develop you can re-order La Sirena products according to your needs. - great now some voodoo! hey why not?

Okay so I'm tagging Christy and Starla


Jenny said...

Great one!!

joni said...

wow i can't believe stole it from me...haha i stole from Jenny she stole from....

joni said...

hey i tagged you today..