Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you met my friend Stanley?

Well it seems that we are in full swing playoff season! Vancouver is winning so I'm very excited for all of you Vancouver Fans (I'm actually not one by choice, just by association, I know how horrible)

I thought that since it's "Cup" time I'd dig out our pictures from last year... Sorry they are taken with Andrew Ladd of the hurricanes cause, well, they're the ones that won last year :D

Since Dalen actually saw the cup, he's always dissapointed... it's just a big metal cup. Lots of dents and scratches... And it's kinda small. But it's the spirit of the cup that we fight for!

There's my boy sitting in the cup!!! WAHOO! It was a great moment for us. It may seems sad to some who are reading it, but, you'll just never get it if you don't now! Andrew Ladd (born in maple ridge) was a great guy, very genuine and caring with the kids. He talked to everyone and answered the same questions over and over without complaint. He even brought pictures to have signed, which was nice because we didn't even know that he was coming and didn't have anything to be signed. I think that this one will be framed in our house for sure. Very fun. And Ephrim being Ephrim was very taken with him and walked right up to him and wanted up. It was very cool.

Anyone else have a Lord Stanley picture?


Jenna said...

i doo!

joni said...

i have a brother named Stanley..but we haven't called him Lord to my knowledge...and we diffidently have lots of pictures of him..heehee...

you know there has to be one smarty