Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Update 10:45

OKay so here's some pictures of what the yard looks like now. Everything in the basement is either empty or up high so the rush is over... now we just wait for the water, and get pumps ready to go. Speaking of pumps, Wade Wiebe, of Wiebe Construction (a very wonderful company ;) is bringing us a huge trash pump!!! THANKS WADE!!! YOU'RE OUR HERO!!!

So as you can see the water is really coming up!
A river runs through it.... Dalen and Dallas. Dallas canceled his dentist appointment to come give us a hand... and some knees;) Thanks Dal!
Shane and Laura's yard... and another shot of the daring duo :D

The #1 reason to have more than one culvert (which doesn't work) in the entire Queensway dike.

A foggy picture of our helpers.. everyone but Shane.. Thanks guys!!!

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