Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well it seems that I have been a little harsh with my jaw. I can barely use it. Which means that I can hardly eat, good start with the diet! Anyway please pray for me, I'm hoping to get into the doctors tomorrow, and until then I'm doing everything that Laura tells me to do.... hehehe it'll be her fault if something goes wrong ;)


starla said...

poor girl! Okay i had a question about the biggest blogger thing. I'm just wondering if your trying to focus on people that have a certain amount to lose? I would like to do it with you guys but i don't want to actually compete. I just have those stubborn last 10lbs that need to go and I need accountability. Would this be okay? I can still put the money in but i don't want to actually be in the contest to win it back. Let me know. If its not really what you had in mind thats fine.

dwiebes said...

Yes Star you can join non-competatively.