Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well most of you know (if you read this blog at all) that our basement flooded last month when the big rain storm came. Tomorrow our replacement furniture will arive. I'm excited but not AS excited as I should be. Maybe once it's here in the house things will be different. Dalen came home with a new surround sound stereo system today (we lost some electronics in the flood too) and he's very excited, it's only a JVC, I know he would rather something higher end, but it was free! I'll fill you all in more tomorrow (friday) after it's all here and set up and hopefully I'll have some pictures too.



Charlene said...

Sounds awesome! we are waiting and waiting on the insurance guys to give us some money and our basement is still drying out which I am already tired of. Oh well, just can't wait to have it on the go. What a blessing in the midst of a could-have-been disaster, hey? love you Sirena. the post about Emma was making me feel like crying. She is such a sweety, I am praying for you. Remember that this too shall pass. Isn't her middle name Grace, maybe she is just one who will need a lot of grace from you in her life. She is a blessing and a beauty and I already know you know that. God Bless. Let us know if you have tests done for anemia and such.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on the new furniture and some new electronics!!!
Love the expression of your kids in the pic!