Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Biggest Blogger

Well the time has come! One more day until we begin! If you want to join the biggest blogger than let me know and I will add you to the Biggest Blogger Blog. You will be able to post on the blog.

Just for a refresher, everyone who joins must pay in 20.00. Then we will all compete until July 15th and whomever loses the highest percentage of their body weight, wins the money for clothes! We will be accountable to eachother, drink lots of water, eat good food, and get moving! If you're interested then let me know and I'll add you to the blog and we'll get started!

The Contest will be open to new contestants until February 15th, after that it will be closed and we will have our group. I'm very excited and I've been informed by my husband that I'd better not lose our twenty dollars, so you're all going to have some tough competition!

See you soon!


starla said...

i want to join, how do i do it? Although i can't pay right away
let me know what I need to do on here to join, thanks!

dwiebes said...

We won't need to pay until February 15th which is our contest deadline for contestants to enter.. Please make sure you advertise this contest on your blog too as I'm sure not everyone reads my blog ;) Thanks Star!

McRae's said...

Hi there,I'm not sure if we know each other but i read your blog through Starla's and your contest sounds great,i can't pay till friday,so pleas elet me know wht i need to do to join thank-you.tanya mcrae

dwiebes said...

Hey Tanya! No we haven't met...yet! I'm really excited that you want to join us. Send me you e-mail address in my comments (it won't be published online) and I'll add you to the blog. Payment won't be due until the 15th of february but if you know you'll have it on friday you can pay then. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Pen said...

Hi Sirena,
Jenny sent me an email about the Biggest Blogger competition and i'd love to join!!