Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Optomatrist today.

We are going to the optomatrist for the first time today. Adon and Emma will be getting their eyes checked. I think that Adon is fine but I wonder a little about Emma. It is genetically possible that they would need them, Dalen is blind as a bat but without the sonar. So we will see, with my opomatral (I don't realy know if that's a word) discernment Adon will probably end up with glasses, which will probably efffect him even more than the mohawk did. Oh well we shall see? Gotta get ready! Aunty Ruthie is going to come with us so I need to get ready and go get her! Bye!

If you have any pictures of yourself in huge red framed glasses (you know who you are) please post them!

Well so far the children are glasses free. They both have great vision and we'll go back in another year just to be sure it stays that way.
Thank you so much to Ruth for coming with us, it was nice to have someone from Ephrim to glare at ;) It was great to spend time with you again, it's been a while. Looking forward to tomorrow when we get ready to Chewy!!!

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