Friday, December 29, 2006

The Biggest Blogger

Starting January 15th I will be having a Biggest Blogger (looser) contest. The goal will be weight loss, using diet and exercise. We will have a private blog that we will all share together. we will meet monthly to weight in and share new recipes. There will be a 20.00 charge and in the end whoever looses the highest percentage of their body weight will win all of the money to buy clothes! Let me know if you are interested. The contest will run until the 15th of July so you can still be a part of it Christy! Lets get to work girls! These temples are in need of some help ;)

God Bless you all!


Adam said...

Hello there,
I hope that you are not sexist and are allowing men to join. I would be interested as I too need a major overhaul done on my temple. How are you calculating percent of body weight? Are you going by weight, BMI?

Christy said...

Well all I can say is you girls will have some feirce competition in 8 weeks! haha

Great idea!

jessicabrandenbarg said...

uhh.. this sounds like a big fat contest with my name all over it, but from afar can i still partake?

dwiebes said...

Of course you can Jess! You'll just have to send your 20.00 in the mail I guess! Adam, from what I've heard from the other people that want to be in the contest it sounds like it would be fine for there to be men too! You will all get an update soon!