Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

Well it's begun. I'm getting ready for Christmas. I know it's along ways away, but when you make the majority of your gifts you need to get started early. I'll be posting about my candy making days soon (I will be opening my home to make candy!!! Woo hoo!) but for now I need your help.

There are two things that I need and I'm going to ask all of you for help getting them.

The first thing I need is crayons. If you have any broken crayons, bits of crayons or just crayons that you are not going to use, please let me know and I will come and pick them up.

The second thing that I need is clothes, sheets, towels. Anything that you are not using and you want to get out of your house. I want to make a braided rug or two and I need fabric, so if you have stuff that is stained and just sitting in your basement, or just generally ugly fabric (oh man I just got of a wack of ugly fabric... go figure) please let me know and I'll come and take it off of your hands.

Thanks so much!

While I'm on the topic of Christmas, what Christ-centered family traditions do you have in your family? What's your favorite Christmas memory? What's your favorite Christmas song/carol.

It's hard to believe that soon all of these beautiful golden leaves will be hidden under a thick beautiful blanket of snow(hopefully snow and not sleet, rain and ice). I'm very excited! And at the same time I'm not, my little boy will be 5 on the 21st of December!!! Yowza! It's actually pretty exciting, I'm very excited about the little man he's becoming, we've got a lot of fun, tears and work ahead of us. One day (Lord willing) we'll stand before God in a LARGE Wiebe clan and He will be very pleased with the work we have done! We'll keep praying for that.

God Bless your day!


Jenny said...

Let me look and I might be able to help you with both. I just threw away a bagful of jeans that had holes in them, and I'm sure we have more clothes.
I'll also look for crayons...we have many...
My favourite song is "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" it makes me cry everytime I hear it.
Last year we got a wonderful book called, "the story of Christmas" (I think I'll have to check again?OOPS) by Usborne books. We sat around after we decorated the tree with our egg nog in fancy little liqueur goblets and we read the story of Christmas to the boys. It was beautiful and a very cherished moment for our family.
We will do the same this year.
Also I had some of my closest friends(Shari, Pen, Tanya) come over for some dinner one night and then we went around and saw the lights and drove through the Pentacostal Christmas presentation. It was fun and I hope we can do it again.
I'm excited for Christmas and it's never to early to prepare...I've already purchased a couple of gifts and stocked them away in my toy shop.

dwiebes said...

Thanks Jenny!
I can't wait, it's just so nice when you actually have all of your family together. Such an amazing time!

Tanya said...

Well this christmas I too am making some you already saw one of my purchases, I have knots in my back already from cutting fabric for two days now!

We are still trying to come up with our own christmas traditions out here...we've had two christmas' where its just been the four of us...last year was alot better than the year before...but this year, we are so thankful that we get to go home and celebrate the season with our family and friends back in Alberta and Saskatchewan!!! There's alot more tradition when its all of us together. I suppose someday we'll just have to start making our own for just the four of us.

Anyways, I'm glad you're thinking about christmas too. I'm holding off until November to start listening to christmas music...although its hard not to when you're kids are already watching christmas movies!!!

Take care...hope you found the fabric that you were looking for!

Laney said...

Our one thing to do every christmas eve was to not have an actual supper but instead make lots of goodies/finger foods and just snack on it and play card/board games till we went to bed. I loved it when my dad would bring out 'one of his many musical instruements that he can play' and we would all get together and sing christmas carols... I should hopefully be done all of my christmas shopping within the next two weeks (I started early this year as I didn't want to be out in the cold weather doing all of that with a new little one to take along with me)

Christy said...

Can't wait for Christmas!

We always have an appy night on Christmas Eve and open our gifts from Mom and Dad, Craig and Bobby etc...Then Christmas Day I make eggs benedict for Tristan, Chris and I and then we open our gifts to each other. Then we all head over to Kitimat to have dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins!

This year I am really looking forward to baking cookies with Tristan and making some Christmas crafts with him!

Linda said...

Me again! GRIN! Does it matter how old the crayons are? I have a ice cream pail full of crayons from my home school days ! LOL Yep I am a pack rat!!