Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cutting Hair

Well I did it.. I gave Ephrim an actual hair cut, not just a trim of the sides and back, I cut it all! He has such fine hair, he looks like it's thinning! Oh well he's stinkin' cute and I'm very proud of myself... I messed up on the right side by his ear, but I do every time. He sat still so nicely, he devoured about ten q-tips (he didn't actually injest them) but it did the trick and he was such a good boy. He didn't like when I did the back because he couldn't see what I was doing. I didn't use clippers at all, I forgot that I had some and I think they would have been too much for him. I just used the little scissors that came in my first aid kit, I think that I would like to get some actual hair cutting scissors, if I can cut Ephrim's then I should be able to cut Adon's too.

Ephrim with his mop of hair before... look how red it looks!

The new doo. My big boy, all growed up! It's his birthday tomorrow!
Hmmmm, look alike much???


Anonymous said...

Simply Fabulous!!! good job (smile) and i had just told my mom how much Emma looks like Ephrim,,,course she said, them are cookie cutter kids...and they sure are,, Adon and him are too cute!! love yah and a happy birthday big boy!! -take care,,seea on the next week. (yippee!!)

Charlene said...

I was going to say!!! Holy wow! Before hair cut, a lot like Adon.... After hair cut, Adon's identical twin! Good job on the cut. Brave woman, I won't even attempt it I think if I messed it up I would be so hard on myself. You did great!