Monday, October 16, 2006

Check in

Cute flylady picture pending, blogger is being a pain again!

Wow sorry it's been like a week, well over a week, since I last blogged. I don't really have a whole lot to say even still... same old story, try to get my house clean. There has to be an easier way to do this. I think it's time to subscribe to Flylady again! I do really like Flylady. I haven't seen her page in a while but she always made me laugh, and take control of my home. Something has to change!!!

I was not born with a work ethic, or no one taught me one. There is nothing there, it's why I was fired from every job I ever had (well I quit the last two at copperside). I was an aweful employee, and I still am.

Am I going to sit here complaining? NOPE!!! It's time for a change. It's painful and I really wan to crawl back into bed, will I?! NOPE!!! (now that's I've said that I won't, eventhough I didn't really mean it, I have no choice)

Come on people, phone me today and ask me, "What are you doing Sirena? Did you do your five minute room rescue today?"

Come on I dare you! (but not if you're a scary blog stalker, you are not welcome to phone me and I will sick my brother on you.


starla said...

well i tried to phone you and you didn't answer...the nerve...hmm fly lady hey? maybe i'll subscribe again for a while too

Chris said...

And you DON'T want that I'm BIG and MEAN :P

dwiebes said...

Haha sorry Starla! Yesterday was Dalen's day off so we were out and about all day.

That's right Christ! I love you bro!

dwiebes said...

HAHAHAHA I always type Christ instead of Chris! I love you too Chris!