Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Name my kitty.

We just went and picked up a cat from Mr.Williams at petland! Thank you for blessing us Rick!

We have a severe mouse problem so as our last ditch effort we bought a kitten. It will probably take her a while to start hunting but I am pray that God will motivate her. Dalen does not like animals, so for us to get a cat is very exciting! Please pray that she is a good hunter and that I can keep her very clean as Dalen does have some allergies. It would be very sad for us to have to get rid of her.

I will post pictures of her as soon as my camera battery is charged, but for now I need help naming her. I want her name to mean Hunter. She is a girl and she is grey with some beige on her face.

What should we name our kitty?
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Charlene said...

I wish I would have known you needed a kitty as I would love to pawn off my beautiful Angel on someone we know well so that the kids could stil see her often. Oh well. I say Winda...