Friday, September 08, 2006

Just how do you really know?

My Lone Ranger
I often wonder if anything I'm telling my children is sinking in. I want them to be set apart from this world. I want them to think in line with the bible, not with TV. I know that they are God's chosen and that they deserve nothing but the best instruction on God's word, the only problem is that they also need to see it put into practice. This is occuring to me a lot. So pray for our family.

Anyway last night Dalen and I were talking about Adon and he told me that the other day they were out in the yard and they had picked up a 2x4 and it had a cacoon type thing on it. Adon said to Dalen, "We can't use this wood Dad." Dalen just told him to kick the thing off and it would be fine. So Adon said "We can't do that! We would be wrecking God's creation!"

It really reaffirmed me. Not that I think a cacoon is more important than anywork my husband needs to do.

I've also been wondering a lot (I really should just pray about it) if Adon has Jesus in his heart. He is only four. But a few months ago we had a talk and he told me that he was frustrated because he'd say things and he would know that he shouldn't but he couldn't help it his body just made him do it. So I explained that when we have Jesus in our hearts his spirit will tell us when things are wrong and help us to know how to be good.

We then went to visit Char and Josh was "sharing his testimony" with Adon when they were playing, Char and Adam you are raising some amazing children! A few days after that Adon told me that he asked Jesus into his heart because he didn't want to disobey anymore.

So now I wonder, it is true conversion? The more we talk and the more he shares his views of our Lord, the more I think it truely is, and now I'm sad that he did it all on his own and I didn't get to be there. Oh well, he was with his Heavenly Father, he has far more right to it than I do!

God Bless you today!

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