Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well here we sit. Home, with a mostly clean house (thank you Momma), meat thawing for dinner, fed kids and laundry going. Wow what a miracle! I feel like it should be at least nine o'clock and I should be going to bed. I can't believe how hard this is on me. I think I recovered better from my c-section with Emma!

Here in lies the problem, I have no energy. None! Natta! I can't believe it. The kidney infection seems to have nearly shut my body down and now I feel like I've been hit by a semi. My days are very long and I don't have much in me to do any cleaning. I did go through my fabric, which was much needed. Now I sit here after eating some soup and I want to go to bed. I still have dinner to make and then we're going to the inlaws for the evening to visit. Maybe I'm lacking chocolate? That really must be it ;)

So what do I have to do in the next week? Finish the house. Clean out the basement and set up the school room. Then I need to pack for camping, get groceries for camping and go camping for the weekend. Once that is done I need to pick and freeze carrots and pull up potatoes. And please don't ask me where I'm at with my sewing!!! Should be a sinch!

So pray for me.

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Laney said...

glad you made it home o.k. and that the surgery went well, hope you feel better and are able to get some much needed energy for your busy week as well.
God bless...