Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ahhh home!

Well we made it.

The trip home was actually really fun! We sang LOTS and LOTS of songs and talked lots and just had a great time. I love travelling with Dalen, I always learn something interesting about him! It's amazing that our husbands will tell other people stuff and just think we always knew it!

I'm not going to blog about the entire trip but I will add some highlights.

Highlight number 1. BABY SETH!!!!!!! Oh he was amazing. He was as aware as a two month old and looked it to me. Accept that his hands and feet were almost the same size as Ephrims who is nine months old.
He had to be the best baby I had ever seen! He never fussed just slept and ate and hung out with every one. He loved being in the wrap with me too. It was really really cute..

I know it looks like an optical illusion, but his feet really are this huge. It's freakish, he's going to be a giant! Okay so I have pictures of the girls too but I just realized I didn't get any of Ava... bad aunty!

There's my Sissy girl. She is an amazon! And they cut her hair off. She loves it though. She loves to sing and wants to skate board. We had so much fun together, making dinner, sewing! I'm praying that next summer they'll let her come visit us for a few weeks!

And Enaiyah, well as you can see she is all Trei! This little wild child is quite the girl! And boy has she got Daddy figured! They are best friends and they go everywhere together.

I know I'm really sorry there are no pictures of Ava, just didn't work out!


starla said...

oh my gosh, enaiyah looks exactly like ava did at that age!!! crazy! So beautiful with treis dark complexion and jeffs blond hair....they sure make beautiful kids!

Laney said...

hey sirena...

how are things going for you now that you are back home? you feeling better or is it still the same?