Wednesday, July 19, 2006


No I'm not, but seeing Laura today made me remanice! Lucky for you ;) Do not procede if stretch marks gross you out, there is an abundance of them!

That's me and my momma. I really wore some interesting things when I was pregnant didn't I? You wear whatever fits and feels good. I was pregnant with Adon here. 19 years old.

I can't belive how tiny Adon was!!! He was just SO itty bitty! I was 20 years old here.

I really don't wear leggins unless I'm pregnant and I want to be really comfy, I only did it with Emma.

This is me at 23, pregnant with Ephrim. My tummy was by far the biggest with him. Dalen loves my tummy when I'm pregnant. I think he would want more children just to have the belly. These pictures were a lot of fun, one of our family was making a funny face no matter what we did!

Well that's all (for now) who knows maybe I'll have more to add in a year or two.. skinny ones!

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