Monday, July 17, 2006

Not so fast baby Shane!

Okay well Baby Shane didn't come yet.. I'm sure it'll be soon enough though. No worries, Laura has not been laboring for three days. She is doing good.. Just wanted to let you all know why I hadn't posted any Baby Shane pictures yet!

So what else is new? Not a whole lot.. I'm working at getting the house clean (I know I say that a lot... I do it a lot) and getting the garden weeded. I'm hoping to get the school room down stairs set up a little more this week. I also have a tonne of sewing to do. I made Starla a new sling, you can check it out in the photo album on the side bar. I love it and it's my best work yet!!! I actually have a lot of sewing projects that I have to get done this week.. I'll finish this week Laurie ;)

Ephrim is a walkin' fool (he's not really a fool but I do like saying that) and has decided that he LOVES!!!! plugins and cords. Great fun!

Anything else? Other than giving up sweets, (see my fitness blog in the side bar) not really. Not that I can think of right now at least.
Oh I found a new site that I'm loving
Wear Your Baby
Let me know if you need any sling help!

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