Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cluster Blogger

So I've realized that I am a cluster blogger. I don't faithfully blog everyday but when I do I do a bunch of different ones all in one day. Sorry things have been a little lacking around here. I've been working on getting my fitness blog up and running. I have had some exciting news on that front too. The church board has just okayed my proposal to start a saturday morning workout at the church. It will be an aerobic workout to a Leslie Sansone workout video called "Walk the Walk". It's a great video that has awesome background music and an amazing message. I hope that lots of women will be blessed by this, so pray for me as I work to get this started, and pray that God would be glorified... even in track pants and tennies!


Jenny said...

Is that at the Rock?

starla said...

Way to Go Sirena! Hope it goes well!

dwiebes said...

Jenny... No it'll be at Thornhill Community Church :)