Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Things I wish I had known about Homeschooling

Okay obviously these are not things that I wish I had know because I don't know anything yet. (about homeschooling) I will update this article as people send me new things they wish they had known.

1. Get your kids to practice their writing before you have them do essays and reports.
2. Do your social studies before writing, then they'll have something to write about.
3.Boys fidget while they listen, but they're actually listening. Sometimes it can help them sit still if they have a small car or ball to play with
4. It's good to do a bit of seatwork, a bit of couch work, a bit of seatwork etc.
5. Exercise before you start school
6. NO tv before school
7. Get the BEST pencils, cheap pencils are very frustrating

... tell me yours and I'll add them.

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