Sunday, June 11, 2006

Psycho Squirrels

Oh camping, it's fun hey?! It was great. There was lots of kids biking, and playing and eating... and even more of Momma eating, that's the one thing I dislike about camping, I eat the whole time.. God did perform a miricle though and I did not gain any weight. Emma is complaining about another ear ache (she got an ear infection the last time we were camping) and Ephrim is looking like he's going to get another staph infection. I am at the point now where I'm about to do a serious overhaul of our kitchen. We'll see. Something has to change. Their bodies are just not fighting anything. It's a wee bit frustrating. Well there was a whole bunch of us out there.. the Wiebe clan with a dash of Evans'. We had a lot of gassy laughs and some interesting run in's at the bathroom (Did we look guitly Joni?). The best part was the fire side times. Very fun. Lawrence and Starla came out Saturday, that was nice, Lawza got new glasses, much better! Hmm what else happened.. oh yes! The squirrels. Now I am not the type to take pleasure in torturing animals but oh my goodness! These stupid little critters are tame. One ran right up to Ephrim and tried to take his cookie from his hand. That was the last straw!

Momma was on a rampage and had all my little nephews wacking and chasing the bushy-taled-rabies-infested-flea-ridden sweeties! Although Ruth, Christy, Starla and Sonja really did have the best idea with their badminton rackets! Wish I had one of those handy. On Saturday our friend Lyman came out with his two beautiful daughters. These two girls are incredible. They didn't have bathing suits so I put them in some of Emma's nighties/slips and they were set. I got some very lovely pictures of them. Over all I didn't take a lot of pictures, too busy eating!

We did have fun and I'm looking forward to Ladies retreat on the 23rd, just the girls and little babies, fellowshiping, encouraging and of course EATING!!! Wow there's a lot of eating in this blog. Sorry about that.. I am hungry, I just ate and apple and I think I'm even more hungry now... hmm interesting, I'm probably just thirsty.

Anyway here come the pictures.. Enjoy.

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