Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Jewel in his crown!

Oh my Emma!

She is such a girl! When you ask her to sing a song it's all "Princesses and Lipstick!" While Adon and I sing about Jesus loving us at Grandma's piano, she sings about "Red Lipstick, Pink Lipstick, Purple Lipstick!!!" I've recently dicovered that in all of our "making sure she's feminine, we're lost sight of what is feminine and created a vain little thing. But God is SLOWLY penitrating her heart (and mine) about the whole thing.
She has always had a VERY strong personality (I wonder where she got that from?) this is paired with a very strong surety of herself. Last night at dinner she looked at Adon as he poured the last of the apple juice into his cup and said, "Adon! (slaps hand on table) Waste some apple Juice for me!)

This morning she also informed me that her feet are dirty two thousand times.

I have been trying to teach Emma about who's princess she is. She dreams about living in a big castle when she grows up. I've been telling her that the home she has with her husband will be a castle, no matter what it looks like it will be a castle because she will live in it. I've also been trying to teach her who her King is. She imagines a dashing prince on a noble steed. I've told about an amazing God who will always be her king.

There will also be two other kings in her life. Her Daddy. Emma was the only one that Dalen even brought into our bed as a baby. Daddy's are given a tenderness for their little girlies. As long as we as mommies don't sabotage it (which is alot easier than most would think) Daddies and their little princesses will always have a special bond.

The Man. There will be one. And if I have anything to do with it there will be ONLY one. We are a non-dating family. It just will not be allowed. Our children already know that God has chosen one person for them that will be the best they could ever have. I look at Miss Grace and I know already that this will be a tough row to hoe. There will be many boys who will try to win her and us. But there will only be one Man for her. And we will know who he is. He will have a hard road ahead of him if he is to win our blessing, but he will be given a princess of the truest sence (barring we fail miserably and do not work out her personality flaws) and he will HAVE to be a King in the truest sence.

She has been an amazing gift (and a huge amount of work) but what a blessing in the end. I know God has a beautiful plan and love story for my girlie.

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