Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Beach day and a scooter!

Well there I am on my new scooter. I LOVE IT!!!! It's crazy and hillarious all at the same time. I feel like Sway from Gone in 60 seconds, only there's half as much machine and twice as much Sway. I still kinda feel like wonderwoman, until I look at it and laugh my head off!

Yeah so we bought it for Dalen to drive to work, which is another hillarity. He said it sounds like his tiny little dirt bike he had when he was a Wee Wiebe so it's hillarious when ever he drives it too. It brings him back to the good ol'days!

We spent a lot of time at the beach today. Ms.Elisha (that's what the kids call her, she doesn't go by that name) called us this morning to invite us to the lake during her double spare. We hurredly got ready and headed out.

I hope she won't mind me posting this picture, I just thought it was so beautiful. We love Ms.Elisha so much and she loves the kids just about as much as me. She has been such a blessing to our family. Looking at this picture you can see the amazing mother heart that God has given her, she will be an incredible momma one day.

We made a hole in the sand and filled it with water, hoping that it would be warm enough for Ephrim to play in.. he still didn't appreciate it, but he definately LOVED the sand and sticks and grass that they had there, different from our grass at home so he was very very pleased.

I've forgotten how much fun and ease there is involved at the lake. You just need your camera, lots of water and a variety of snacks. With very little preperation you can ensure yourself a day of leisure and rest. It's so fun taking pictures at the beach too.

I commited the most heinous of offences today, I forgot to put sunblock on Adon. The poor boy, I can remember looking at him and thinking, "I didn't put any sun block on him... hmmm" He never gets it when he's playing at home, but home is not surrounded by water and so now he is a burnt little guy. Of course I feel horrible. Won't do that again for sure. He's so good about it too. Then again he's usually good about everything, unlike my little Ephrim who is sitting in his bed crying because "surely when you say bed time Mom you only mean for Brother and Sister!"

Well tomorrow will be my birthday and we are going to go for lunch at the Hot House. hehe, I laugh because my neighbors son Kyran calls the "out house" a "hot house". We are going to the actual restaurant though so that will be very very yummer nummers!!!

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Christy said...

Oh the nude picture of Ephrim with the black box covering his pee pee made me laugh so hard! He is the cutest little midget! Awsome pictures! Looking forward to your birthday lunch tommorrow!

Be sure to check out my blog and I really hope you don't kill me! Yikes!